Transpose is a creative consultancy that helps purpose-driven founders turn their genius into rock-solid brands that stand the test of time.

Branding is key to any enterprise.


Your brand is the personality of your work. 


A brand is what makes your enterprise tick. It's not just about how your customers and/or clients perceive what you do - it's also how you understand and connect to your work.


A brand is even more critical when your work falls outside the dominant culture or is challenging norms in your industry (think feminist, post-capitalist or social impact).  


Your brand is more than a collection of colours, fonts and taglines.


Your brand is the essence of your work;  the life-force behind all that you do.  


It’s how you connect with people through the work you do.


When you're doing dismantling work or advocacy work, your brand is what makes people turn their heads in your direction.  


Your work must first resonate with you. And then it will land in the souls of your best-fit people. 


Transpose connects you (the founder) to your brand. 

This is the core of what we do.


Transpose helps founders discover & clarify their brand strategy through a series of human-to-human conversations.


We believe that genius exists within you. 


You know exactly what you want to do. 


You know how you want to show up in the world.


You also know how you want your people to feel.


Our role is to capture the genius and transmute it into a solid brand strategy that not only reverberates with your people but aligns with your values.


Our work is rooted in intersectional feminist practices. 


Our approach is post-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-ableist and anti-homophobic. 


Transpose strongly advocates for increased representation of people of the global majority as opposed to finding ways to yield to dominant culture.



Brand strategy, content creation & consulting without the ick of systemic oppression.



Get fresh eyes on the brand you’ve already brought to the world. 


Inject a new sense of purpose into your existing brand that may need an update after a recent pivot, a DIY overhaul or if you’re feeling disconnected from the work you do.


Create a content waterfall that informs, educates, entertains and inspires your best-fit people.  


Consult us on lived experience, organizational design and radical entrepreneurship. 


Fees start at $2400 CAD (taxes applicable for Canadian residents).  Sliding scale fees are available for those affected by financial injustice.


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